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Eat. Shop. Discover. Fresh. Get seasonal recipes, and discover local farms and restaurants using local, seasonal products. Always Haute and Fresh with Haute Farms.

Haute Farms is an online directory and food brokering firm highlighting seasonal ingredients and connecting local food systems.

10 Chefs to Follow On Twitter

10 of Haute Farms' favorite chefs and restaurants around Minnesota to follow on Twitter that support local farms.

10 Chefs to Follow On Twitter

10 of Haute Farms' favorite chefs and restaurants around Minnesota to follow on Twitter that are supporting local farms. So follow, re-tweet, do what you do, but check them out.


Heartland Restaurant

Follow what's happening at Chef Lenny Russo's fantastic Heartland Restaurant. You'll find it hard to resisit their locally sourced fare and you  certainly won't be disappointed.


New Scenic Cafe

Ok, this one might require a road trip, but this is a must next time you're at the North Shore. This place is certainly worth following too, just to be sure you know what you're missing out on.


The Bulldog N.E.

When we're craving bar food and great beer it's hard not to end up here. Follow The Bulldog N.E. and be prepared to wipe the drool from your mouth. Seriously, you've been warned.



This place is great about highlighting their menu, especially their specials, and we think you'll agree with us. Their tweets always make us hungry all day long.


Bryant Lake Bowl

We're always tempted by their awesome dishes and nightlife. Follow BLB and never miss a thing, whether it's food or fun that strikes your fancy.


The Strip Club meat & Fish

Oh man, we can't resist this place and we always show up hungry thanks to their tweets. We love their tweets so much because it's all about the food, the glorious food.


Dakota Jazz Club

We love the Dakota Jazz Club and they feature all their amazing performers here. Though we'll admit we wish they highlighted their amazing food and drinks more, we appreciate that for them it's all about the music and we dig it.


Red Stag Supper Club

They tweet a perfect combination of great food and entrainment. They also are all about their community, so eat, be entertained, and join the fun.


Trotter's Cafe

Trotter's Cafe is always on point. We can't even make it through a week without stopping in for a bite and their tweets certainly are to blame. We're not complaining though.


Victor's 1959 Cafe

You won't find too many pictures here, though we'd love to see more, you will find friendly, quirky flare that is Victor's 1959 Cafe. This place is truly Cuban and you can feel the love.